Raspberry Pi Zero
portable console

A creative common gaming device
for makers and developers
focused on PICO-8

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Pi-XO portable gaming device

The Pi-XO is a low cost Raspberry Pi Zero HAT. It has buttons, display, speaker and batteries for a complete portable gaming experience. It's primarily designed for use with PICO-8 games and gamedev, but can be used for other games or emulation too. The device is still under development and only a few prototypes are assambled so far. No professional production is planed, but the open hardware und software licence let you make your own board.

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Main Features


- sound
- multiple display options
- display brightness control
- GPIO functions (LED bar and vibration motors)


- no SMD soldering
- common components
- widely available NiMH batteries


The simple designed PCB and the used components are easy to get and low-priced.


All development is done under cc licence.


All data is available at Github

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The project will be presented at GLT19 for the first time

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